Because we are all mortal beings death is inevitable. Which means we will die some day in future. Here is the tricky question, can humans live forever? No, I’m not talking about mummifying ourselves actually that’s done after death only. I’m talking about living forever with our body just like hyper-sleep or stasis we saw in the movie Prometheus. Yeah scientists are saying it’s possible through cryogenic process called Cryonics, which means deep freezing the bodies of people who just expired. People suffering with deadly diseases with no cure are opting for this process to wake up in future hoping the medical advancement can cure their condition so that they can live longer.

How Can Humans Live Forever?

Here is how it works. Firstly when our heart beat stops we are not dead, we are completely dead when our brain stops working.  So first scientists de-animate your body, stops your heart beat. Now scientists will continue to supply oxygen to the brain until your body is cryopreserved. Next step is to remove water from your body because when your body is frozen your cells and organs will get frozen due to water in the body. A cryoprotectant is injected into your body which acts as anti-freezing agent which protects tissues and organs from freezing. Now it’s time to cool down your body. Your body is cooled down to -200 °F using dry ice or Nitrogen. Then your body is wrapped in a sleeping sheet and dipped in a tank filled with liquid Nitrogen.

Now what? Wait few decades to centuries to revive your body when actually our world is medically advanced. For now reviving has worked only on rats and rabbits. Scientists are not sure about this technology. Here we are talking about future, anything can happen in future. Here is the big question, what if millions of people choose cryopreservation to live forever? Our world becomes more chaotic. Birth and death are the beauty of our existence and it is not recommended to wish immortality. So what do you think about Cryonics? If it’s cheap would you opt for it, to extend your life?

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