Historically since the the renaissance masters perfected the drawing and painting of the human body figure it’s still the most challenging and rewarding types to draw, obviously for beginners not Leonardo Da vinci level artists, it’s often frustrating in the beginning. So here’s some historical all times tips and concepts to follow as you are learning to draw the body.

  1. Start by visualizing the hole figure of the body and do not try to perfect sketching details and gestures at first.
  2. Use a reference pose from an actual model or a drawing figure doll, you can use the classic old fashion drawing figure dolls or upgrade to the revolutionary called body kun dolls that gives more option in poses, articulations and realistic human body anatomy for male and female (this one called body chan).
  3. Shadow and light in drawing figures is an obligation to get an idea of the figure mass and movement do not ignore these important parameters..

Because we are all mortal beings death is inevitable. Which means we will die some day in future. Here is the tricky question, can humans live forever? No, I’m not talking about mummifying ourselves actually that’s done after death only. I’m talking about living forever with our body just like hyper-sleep or stasis we saw in the movie Prometheus. Yeah scientists are saying it’s possible through cryogenic process called Cryonics, which means deep freezing the bodies of people who just expired. People suffering with deadly diseases with no cure are opting for this process to wake up in future hoping the medical advancement can cure their condition so that they can live longer.

Whether we are talking about travelling in between the cities or traveling to space, we are actually talking about speed relative to time. According to Einstein, laws of physics will be same in all frames of reference moving at constant velocity and the light speed is always constant. Now the question is, can we travel at light speed?

Imagine you are traveling in a train and you have a ball in your hand. Now you and the ball are moving at a constant velocity. So for you the ball is a stationary object. For an outside person who is not in the train, for him the ball looks like a moving object. So here in both the cases the ball is stationary but the reference is different. This is called special theory of relativity proposed by Albert Einstein.

I wish I had a backspace button to my life so that I can go to my past and fix some incidents or issues or at least a fast forward button so that I can see how my future looks like! I guess everyone of us think like this at least once in our lifetime. So the question here is, can we travel in time? I mean, is time travel possible?