I wish I had a backspace button to my life so that I can go to my past and fix some incidents or issues or at least a fast forward button so that I can see how my future looks like! I guess everyone of us think like this at least once in our lifetime. So the question here is, can we travel in time? I mean, is time travel possible?

Let’s split this topic into 2 sections.

  1. Time travel into the future
  2. Time travel into the past

Time Travel into The Future

As we explained in our previous video at light speed time slows down, which is called time dilation. Speed of light is always constant and your experience of time depends on relative motion. Someone who is traveling at the speed of light experiences less time relative to someone who is traveling at less speed.

Also time dilation depends on gravity. For someone on Earth time is really fast when compared with someone in space. As you approach a black hole you observe a significant time dilation effect. Black holes wraps space around it. So when you orbit around a black-hole you experience less time than the someone who is in normal space travel. Remember relative time on Earth is fast. So after 5 years when you comeback home from space you would land in a future world. Because around hundred years passed on Earth. Thus time travel into the future is possible.

Time Travel into The Past

Now let’s talk about time travel into the past. This is more complex than the earlier one. Because future has nothing to do with the present. But our present is always a result of our past events. So if you go back to the past and change some incidents probably you might not experience what you are experiencing now. So it’s a paradox. But there are some theories that supports time travel into the past.


Wormhole is basically a shortcut portal to distant galaxies or planets. According to Einstein space and time are flexible. So assume paper sheet as a space, create holes at the opposite edges. Just assume one as entry and the other as exit. Now if you fold the paper the holes come closer. So that’s a wormhole for you which reduces distance between two really distant places in space. This wormholes help in traveling to the past, I mean you can comeback where you started off.

I wish I had a wormhole which connects the city where I stay with my hometown so that in a second I can travel between these places through that portal. Sounds crazy right? Yes, it is.

Tipler Cylinder Theory

Another way to travel back to the past is Tipler Cylinder theory. If we build an infinite length hypothetical cylinder and form life around, time also curves creating loop. So you would come back to the beginning before you reach the end. But building an infinite length cylinder is impractical.

Time travel into the past is possible if our universe is spinning creating a time loop. But according to Albert Einstein our universe is expanding not spinning. So this theory is also not practical.

Finally I would say may be in coming centuries with the help of technology we could time travel into the future. But time travel into the past is probably not feasible. So what do you think, is time travel possible, let us know in the comments section below. 

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