The history of online shopping started in 1979 and then lots of other sites launched so that people can easily buy mostly electronics.

In the beginning, fewer people know about online shopping and this was the reason why people used to purchase things from the local market.

Later people started knowing about the ways of doing online purchases and how it is beneficial than the traditional way of doing marketing.

What is the purpose of online shopping?

The main purpose of using online shopping is to save money and time. If you don’t want to waste your time searching for products in the market, then you can take advantage of using online shopping stores.

At first, only electronics were there that people can buy online. Now you can find all the things related to your day to day life.

A new community is being created around products where everybody is able to review a product he bought and share knowledge for other buyers.

The Online Shopping History Timeline Was Accordingly

From Visually.

In 1979 electronics were added.

Then in 1995 Amazon, eBay and many other sites launched.

Later Google invented tools for enhancing the sales of online shopping and then online payment facilities introduced.

In 2009 probably all the products introduced on the online shopping stores so that people can easily buy desirable products

When the first online transaction completed in the history of online shopping?

If you know what is the history of online shopping?

Then you may know that the first online transaction of completed in 1972 at the store of marijuana. It was not related to any other platform of doing online shopping. But it was just a tiny transaction that created history.

This was the first online transaction that happened in the world. Later wallets introduced for most of the shopping sites to make easy payments.

You can store money in that wallet by adding via using debit or credit card then use it for making purchases.

Why online shopping sites invented and the advantage of using online shopping?

People may not know when did online shopping start?

If you are one of those then you should know online shopping started in 1979. The motive to make the way of purchasing easier and affordable. When something launched for the first time then no one blindly trusts that.

Later people started knowing about such types of ways of doing shopping then it become popular year by year. This is the reason why everyone wants to prefer finding products on such sites before purchasing it from the market.

The advantages of using the online shopping

  • Very convenient
  • Lower price and large selections
  • Review
  • Lots of information
  • Latest fashion

If you want to get any of the above benefits then go for online shopping as this is the best thing that will help you in all aspects.

Hence lots of memorable things are there that you may know when you read the history of online shopping.

But for that, you should go through the list of the years in which things changed year by year. You may take the advantage of online shopping sites for getting all desired products.

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